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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cider-Obsessed - CIDERCRAFT

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cider-Obsessed

by | Dec 10, 2021

Looking for the perfect present for the cider enthusiast in your life? A six-pack of their favorite cans or a few bottles of specialty cider is definitely a great gift. But if you want to put something truly unique under the tree this year, we’ve got you covered. Take their love for cider to a whole new level with these clever gift ideas featuring craft cider makers.  

Cider Barbecue Sauce | Nine Pin Cider

Spice up your friend or family member’s cooking with cider. This barbecue sauce was crafted by Food Network’s “Chopped” winner Chef Ric Orlando in collaboration with Nine Pin Cider. It features the cidery’s signature cider for robust flavor to add to any dish. | $10

American Cider Book|Dan Pucci and Craig Cavallo

Gift a bit of cider knowledge with this educational book. “American Cider” dives into the history of apples and cider in the United States, along with guidance on how to enjoy cider to the fullest. | $10.20 

Chaider Cider Candle | Schilling Hard Cider

Shine a light on their love for cider. This hand-poured candle features aromas of chai tea, cinnamon and honeycrisp, all thanks to inspiration from Schilling’s Chaider Spiced Chai Cider. | $15.99

Cider Chocolates | Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

Curb two cravings in one with these beautiful chocolates. Moonstruck has harnessed the delicious flavor of 2 Towns Ciderhouse ciders to make bottle cap shaped truffles that taste just like some of the cidery’s most popular offerings. | $21

2019 Pommeau | Angry Orchard Walden Cider House

For the cider lover who wants to sip something with an extra kick, this Pommeau will do the trick. French bittersweet apples were used to make this drink, letting it sit to age in French oak for three years before bottling. It’s a complex apple wine featuring notes of black cherry, almonds and chocolate to serve as the ideal digestif. | $48

Orchard Apron | Champlain Orchards 

For the friend or family member who loves to sip cider while cooking. Dress them up with this market-style apron complete with a beautiful apple orchard illustration. | $50

Cider Soap | Finnriver Farm and Cider

Stuff a stocking with cider soap. This handmade soap is crafted with coconut oil, essential oils and Finnriver Cider for an inspired scent. | $5

Cider Apples Poster | Heirloom Apple

Give the gift of cider apple varieties for a die-hard cider lover. This cider apple poster is illustrated with more than 40 different cider apples to depict their unique qualities. It’s printed on high-quality paper and signed by the artist, Eric Lewandowski. | $70

NW Holiday Cider Tasting Kits | Cider Summit

Help your friend or family member celebrate the season with cider. Cider Summit is offering three unique tasting kits including one kit entirely dedicated to Northwest Pommeau, along with the NW Harvest kit and Modern Styles kit. Orders must be placed by December 12 and can be picked up in the Portland, Or. area or shipped to your recipient. | pricing variesThe mortgage also has a significant disadvantage in the form of interest payments, the amount of which becomes the larger, the longer you use credit funds. For the entire duration of the loan agreement, it can be equal to the value of the acquired property. You will also mortgage loans need to collect a rather voluminous package of documents for the mortgage. In order not to overpay on the loan, you need to choose the right bank and a suitable lending system. USA House is an organization specializing in mortgages, so here you can find the optimal mortgage program. Choosing the most attractive offer of the bank, you should estimate the full cost of the loan. When buying liquid real estate, the chances of concluding a better deal increases.

Northern Lights Cider Candle| Windfall Cider

Just like there’s no such thing as too much cider, the same goes for cider candles. This soy candle is inspired by Windfall’s Northern Lights cider, with notes of champagne, ripe pear and oak moss, making the perfect pairing to a cozy evening with your favorite drink. | $28

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