Sip Publishing Announces Media Services For Hire

Sip Publishing — privately owned and operated publishing house and parent company of Sip Northwest and Cidercraft magazines — announces the launch of its media services. Allow the leading journalistic…


Recipe: Crooked City Cider’s Lotta Fit & Ginger

Better known as the San Francisco Favorite, this cocktail is named in honor of the historic Bay Area import, Lotta Crabtree, who was once the highest paid female performer in…


Review: Eden Ciders Harvest Cider

You had me at “apple sunshine in a can.” The Harvest Cider — a canned offering from Vermont’s Eden Ciders — places this descriptor on its equally sunny orange and…


5 Mixed Use Apples You Should Know

There are many ways to change the profile of cider. Cidermakers can use only apples to make cider, or they may choose to infuse or co-ferment the cider with other…


Orchard-Grown, Urban-Owned: Houston’s City Orchard

City Orchard in Houston, Texas, is yet to open, but has plans to take the local cider market by storm when it does. Before the end of the year, owners…


Featured Events

Bauman’s 4th Annual Cider Festival

September 28 @ 11:00 am

Come join us for two days of amazing cider tastings and fun at our annual Cider Festival! What better place to enjoy some of the best ciders in the Northwest,…

Newport Cider Festival

October 4 @ 12:00 pm

Celebrating the beauty and bounty of the Pacific Northwest, the Cider Festival is a great opportunity to welcome the arrival of fall on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Enjoy the work…

WindFall Cider Fest and Roots Music

October 5 @ 3:00 pm

WindFall is the best new festival in Central Washington.  Equal parts cider tasting and live Roots Music concert, the long afternoon is a celebration of the tastes and tunes of…

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