InCider Insights with Lee Reeve – Volume 14

by | Dec 16, 2022

Some of us are born into our line of work, some of us get to choose. But in both, the idea of “in another life, I would have been…” always exists. I still remember as a child being determined to become a pirate enjoying a life of sailing the seven seas. Imagine my disappointment, then, when I discovered the lack of opportunities to do so. And yet, even now as cider importer and consultant, the dream still lives on.

What about you? Where do your flights of fancy and daydreams take you during those moments you’d rather get away from? I thought the question would be interesting enough to ask here at “InCider Insights,” where I pose one question to a trio of cider professionals.

What do you imagine you would have been if not a cidermaker?

Sam Nightingale, Founder & Cidermaker | Nightingale Cider Company, Kent, United Kingdom

So, what if I wasn’t to make cider? That’s a tough one, especially after returning from a recent trip to Norway to attend the Nordic International Cider Awards and bringing home a gold medal for our Night Bird cider!

As well as growing up on the family fruit farm, I studied and worked in sound and film for over 10 years, so it would have to be something creative and collaborative, involving nature! I moved back to the countryside from London seven years ago — the pull to be back became too great, although I loved the buzz of the city. I’m happily back!

There’s so much potential for the diversification of our farm and I’m excited about inviting people in to share and explore this special place. We already have plans for working with local artists and musicians; my microphones have been gathering dust, but I’m itching for time to put my headphones on again, and if I wasn’t making cider, I would have time for this!

Ethan Hennings, Head Cidermaker & Founder | Wild Terra Cider, Fargo, North Dakota

The boring answer is a master carpenter. I have been in construction all my life and I continue to do not only the maintenance that always comes around the taproom and cidery, but I also own a construction company as well. I have built million-dollar homes and have done many smaller projects, too. Having creative work is important to me and building has always been a great avenue for that. Wild Terra is obviously the greatest creative project yet.

The more fun answer — and maybe more only in my dreams — a music producer!

Māris Plūme, Cellar Master and Orchard Manager; and Dace Smiltniece-Plūme, Multi-role Worker and Social Media Expert | Mr. Plūme Cidery, Jumpravas, Latvia

We are Mr. Plūme cidery from Latvia — orchard based, often getting fruit in the wild, handcrafted, quality-not-quantity oriented; playing with different concepts of making cider,  from minimal intervention wild apple fermentations to modern, clean, wine-like ciders and perries.

It’s just the two of us. A married couple; my wife Dace and me, Māris. But who the hell is Mr. Plūme? He’s the mysterious person living in our orchard. We’ve never met him, but we know he’s there.

Dace says she’d choose to be a professional photographer if not involved in this cidermaking adventure. Myself? I might be a musician, boxer, or some sort of lazy artist. Or … wait a minute. I would be an apple breeder — the one who develops new varieties.

Lee Reeve is the owner-operator of inCiderJapan G.K. (, an importer/distributor, retailer, and producer of cider and cider-related goods. He is also the publisher of inCiderJapan, Asia’s first and only bilingual magazine dedicated to all things cider.
Lee Reeve can be reached at

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