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“As editor-in-chief of Cidercraft magazine, James brings the beauty and complexity of cider to life through articles and recipes on a monthly basis. In the book, she takes the best parts of the magazine and amplifies them… The book is a great resource for a newcomer to the hard cider world. Before diving into breakdowns of cider styles and recipes, James goes over the basics. She walks newbies through a short history of cider, terminology and how to taste it, including a explanation of the sweetness scale and the flavor wheel.”
— Aaron Swaney, The Herald

“This new release is a breezy read that serves its titled goal: going lighter on the history and stylistic details in favor of cider cocktails and recipes, immersive photography and cidery profiles. The net effect is a confident, knowledgeable tone that never feels bogged down. There are sections for barrel-aged, single-varietal, hoppy and rose ciders, and Tasting Cider provides an excellent feel for the continent’s cider scene.”
— All About Beer (Sept/Oct issue 2017)

“What do you know about cider? If you’re like most folks in the PNW, the answer can range pretty widely. Sip Northwest’s sister publication, CIDERCRAFT, aims to send interested sippers toward the well-versed side of the scale, making enthusiasts of us all. The magazine’s new book, “Tasting Cider,” is a delicious way to start. In it, editor-in-chief Erin James explores the continent, discussing nearly 200 great ciders, profiling some of the best makers in the business and providing formulas for cider cocktail success. Chapter-by-chapter pairing advice is presented in consumable tidbits, while a collection of recipes for apple-laced dishes pushes cider loving to another level.”
Sip Northwest (Fall issue 2017)


“A love letter to the world of cider and a fascinating peek behind the beverage.”
— Jackie Dodd, The Beeroness

“There isn’t a beverage in America I’m more excited about than cider. The terroir, range and acidity pair with food at a level most chefs still haven’t tapped into. From its rich and complex history to the rebirth of ciders at the dining room table, this book captures the dynamic world of cider and the under-appreciated importance of the almighty apple.”
— James Rigato, executive chef at Mabel Gray in Hazel Park, MI

“Erin’s passion gives readers a deep appreciation for the history and relevance of cider in the US and across the modern world.”
— Ryan Burk, head cidermaker, Angry Orchard

“Eaters of apples and sippers of craft cider are in great luck. Erin James’ new book celebrates orchard owners’ recent transition of growing varietals for flavor and fragrance rather than for looks and shelf life. Locavores will be excited too: recipes for cooking with cider abound, including tender, briny mussels harvested from Puget Sound and paired with earthy cider made from heritage apples. Of course, you’ll serve that with a glass of the same delicious cider.”
— Tom Douglas, award-winning chef and restauranteur

“This essential tool for understanding today’s cider boom puts the beverage in delicious context, with a nod to cider’s heritage, while also suggesting what the future may hold.”
— Paul Clarke, executive editor, Imbibe

“Cider drinkers — novices and aficionados alike — will better appreciate every sip of the beverage thanks to this book. Its historical perspective, producer profiles, and hip cocktail concoctions all add rich context for enjoying one of North America’s oldest libations.”
— Cynthia Nims, cookbook author and culinary consultant, MonAppetit.com