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by | Mar 23, 2020

People are struggling with the news, the shift in both our home and work lives, as well as business.

In an effort to support the cider industry, Cidercraft has teamed up with VinoShipper to offer an online cider retailer, shopciders.com. Through the click of a button on CidercraftMag.com, readers will be sent to the online purchasing portal, ready to buy your ciders! 

Are your ciders not on ShopCiders.com? Register for VinoShipper here and learn more about the retailer here.

In addition, VinoShipper’s Theresa Dorr shares some ideas to consider in planning the survival of your business.


This industry is the best at providing a great experience and hospitality. Now is the time you can choose to extend that virtually: into people’s homes. You can choose to make the lemonade out of the lemons. 

You are honoring the local laws and guidelines to protect yourselves and the community.  And that you appreciate others doing the same.

If you have a tasting room, let people know you miss them and look forward to seeing them soon and that you have some ideas for them to remain connected with you and your team as well as make the most of this time.

You can be the sunshine and connection that helps others through this time. Stay social and post images, tell people about what you are doing with your next release and share!

Let people know you are open for orders! Online orders, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If people can email and call you to place an order, make sure they know.

Discounts are being offered aka social-distancing specials, self-quarantine offers, beat the virus bash, etc. However, just the invitation of sharing your wine/cider/mead can be enough to remind people this is a time to make the most of a challenging situation.

Remind people that before, they didn’t have time. Things will go back to “normal” or a new normal so take advantage of the extra time you save without a commute and enjoy!


In your orders, insert tasting notes and a blank form so they can do their own.

Create a blind tasting game and offer that with instructions for people to taste with friends virtually.

Get on the phone and call with the new and current releases and some of the long-time favorites.

Start a contest where people vote to rank five ciders. Do it weekly and a reward could be a comp tasting for two. If you do this in advance and have the pack available for curbside pickup or shipping, that could stimulate ongoing sales as well. Use Skype, JoinMe, Zoom event, Facebook live, etc.

If the drive-by pickup is an option, look for other restaurants, food sources that are complimentary to you and call them. See if they will make the same offer to their people to PAIR an offer. They can reach out to their clients and you reach out to yours. It could bring new people to your business.

When it comes to discounting, know the characteristics of what makes each special, what pairs with each. Be prepared to tell why this is special and how close it is to selling out. Ask if they would like to order now, while the supplies last. A discount may not even be necessary!

When it comes to discounted shipping, there is a big difference between “free shipping” and offering $10.00 or $X off an order of six or 12 bottles. Consider controlling the offer and controlling YOUR profit margin. Make sure consumers know the start and END date of the offer. That will create a call to action to buy and not wait.

 On all orders, call them and thank them for the order. Let them know it is on its way. Ask them how they made their selection, how they learned about you and invite them to your virtual tasting party!

Any more questions or expertise needed?

You can reach Theresa at theresa@VinoShipper.com or (866) 678-8466, extension 708.

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