Seattle Cider Co. Tangerine Turmeric

by | Jan 3, 2018

Turmeric is having its heyday. Be it in the ever-popular golden milk — the Ayurvedic medicine-inspired turmeric-and-spices blend with a hot milk of choice — or swallowed in capsules to improve memory, the bright yellow ground spice can also be found in cider. Washington State’s Seattle Cider Co. recently released its turn at the root spice in the Tangerine Turmeric, a new addition to its limited line of canned products. What was once a draft-only specialty is now a year-round selection sold in spiffy four-pack boxes — a cider fermented with raw tangerine peel and turmeric root. Earthy, peppery, spicy turmeric holds aromatic court, while its pungent and somewhat bitter qualities fight the fruit at first sip. Fortunately, the fruit prevails and the spice eases up, meshing with the juicy tangerine and bright apple on the mid-palate and semi-sweet finish that naturally pairs with Indian curry dishes.

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