Peach Perfection: 6 Ciders Featuring Summer’s Stone Fruit

by | Aug 25, 2020

The peach is a delightfully fuzzy, soft-to-the-touch, mouthwatering fruit that is native to China and a member of the stone fruit family – fruits characterized by their center pit. Tasting nearly identical to its relative, the nectarine, there is one genetic difference that separates the two: the peach’s irresistibly soft, velvety outside, which the nectarine lacks. Every summer, peaches begin popping up at grocery stores and farmers markets throughout the United States, as the harvest season begins as early as May and runs through late September. 

The delicate, floral flavor of peaches are enjoyed on their own and also used in a plethora of sweet and even savory treats – salads, salsas, jams – and of course, cider. The following six cideries have put a unique spin on their fermentations, exhibiting the summery fruit in a peachy potable. Life is sure to be nothing but peaches and cream with one, or all, of these tasty sips in your hand.

Bold Rock Peach Cider 

Each sip of the Peach Cider from Bold Rock is like a refreshing mountain breeze. Crafted with apples locally-sourced from orchards on the iconic mountain range named for its distinct hue – the Blue Ridge Mountains – the peachy brew brings a whole new meaning to peak perfection. The off dry, fruit forward Peach Cider incorporates a blend of yellow peaches and crisp apples for this elevated cider.

Bowers Harbor Vineyards Peach Apple Cider 

Delight in the Midwest’s summer harvest of ripe peaches with the Peach Apple Cider from Bowers Harbor Vineyards in Traverse City, Michigan. The peach-forward cider is a nod to the region in which the vineyard sits, known as the Old Mission Peninsula, an American Viticultural Area which produces orchards of these velvety gems among other harvests. Taste the story this not-too-sweet cider tells with the blend of unique flavors from Northern Michigan.

Helvetia Cider Co. Peachocolada

The family-run Helvetia Cider Co. knows its peaches (and cider) from operating a U-pick peach farm for the last 30 years, and boasting a cidermaking tradition dating back to the late 1800s. In the tropical Peachocolada, the Oregon-based company puts a peachy spin on a piña colada – with peaches in place of coconut. Savor the complementary flavors in this marriage of peach and pineapple and a fresh take on a  traditional summer cocktail. 

Jack’s Hard Cider Peach Cider 

From Adams County, Pennsylvania, Jack’s Hard Cider has crafted a refreshing blend of freshly pressed Adams County apples and peaches in their Peach Cider. Available year-round, bask in this sweet cider’s irresistible peachy aromas with every sip. The Peach Cider has a light and bright quality to it, which makes it perfect for pairing with heavier, flavorsome meals like pork BBQ or spicy salsas. 

Noble Cider The Royal Peach

The Asheville, North Carolina, cidery Noble Cider takes a less traditional route with The Royal Peach by accompanying the sweet summer flavor with a fall attribute: hops. This seasonal cider pairs the delicate taste of peaches with the bitterness of hops and with low residual sugar, the result is a delightfully dry cider. Enjoy all the tastes of summer and pair this bright, peachy cider with dinner salads or grilled salmon.

Incline Cider White Peach

The sweeter variant of its yellow counterpart, white peaches are delicate and floral and they’re also the star of the show with Incline Cider’s White Peach. This family-owned, Washington cidery offers gluten-free, vegan ciders cultivated from fresh-pressed apples. With no added sugars, you can rest assured that the sweet taste of the White Peach cider is derived naturally from the fruit itself.

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