Ciderized Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2

by | Dec 12, 2016

And we’re back again for part two of our gift giving guide with all things cider (click here if you missed part 1). Finding the basic gifts for holiday giving is simple and often too easy. To conclude this two-part series, these gifts are getting a little more creative and unique to whom your cider lover is in his or her life. Take them on a trip away, buy them something beautiful to look at or make their homes smell and taste of the things they love the most.

Weekend Getaway | $300 per night
This beautiful home onsite Cockrell Hard Ciders in Puyallup, Washington, makes for quite the magical weekend within walking distance to the apple orchards, a tasting room, patio with a view of the property and cider production, plus a pool for swimming during the warm seasons all within the short distance of seven acres. Perfect for solo travelers, couples or groups of six or less, the cider farm will make any guest feel warm and welcomed. Book through Airbnb to surprise your cider lover with a weekend away.

Cider Apples Poster | $75
Eric Lewandowski produces photography and design for the food, farm and cider enthusiast. Each and every one of his prints are beautifully articulated and either hand-drawn or photographed to your liking. This particular poster is an illustration of traditional cider apples ranging from bittersweet to bittersharp and those in between. Among other illustrations, Lewandowski shoots aerial photography of apples lined up by color and many other food and farm option for your apple loving fans.

Apple Cider Soap | $16
Surround your senses with those of summer orchards in the daylight while bathing in the comfort of your home. This apple cider scented soap is made with real apple cider from English orchards. Apple seed oil is added to nourish the skin and provide an indulging experience each time you cleanse your hands or body. Made in the United Kingdom, this product ships internationally so everyone around the world can smell the orchards year round.

Hard Apple Cider Pillow | $30
Decorate your humble abode with this apple-red-styled throw pillow featuring a hard apple cider bottle and apple cores surrounding it. On sale now through Amazon, this home décor can make home feel like a true cider paradise, plush and stylish to showcase your affections for the drink. Available in various colors or sizes, you can mix and match throughout the rooms of your home. Perfect for anyone wanting to bring more cider into their lives.

Lip Balm | $5
This lip balm by Joshua Tree Skin Care provides fresh-pressed, flavorful cider all within the reach of your pocket. A perfect stocking stuffer, this little gift will take you away to memories of cider tasting in the fall, watching apple cider be pressed or simply walking through orchards throughout the year. Crafted with 100 percent organic ingredients, you’ll feel smoothness with hints of apple each time you replenish your lips.

The New Cider Maker’s Handbook | $32
The ultimate cider lover’s gift is a book on how to perfect the art of cidermaking. Internationally renowned Claude Jolicoeur takes the reader through the basics of cidermaking discussing apple recommendations, information on juice extraction, the important components of apple juice and a detailed examination diving into the world of fermentation. Surprise anyone who is looking to begin crafting hard cider or those who are hoping to brush-up on their skills by learning from the best.

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