Cider on the Move

by | Aug 21, 2017

Summer ain’t over yet. With the sun still shining, there’s still time to spend outside with friends and family. There’s no better way to enjoy summer evenings than by spending them on the decking with a selection of ciders. Decking makes a great outdoor entertainment space for homeowners if they haven’t already got one. To look at getting one installed, it might be worth getting in touch with a plastic decking uk company that could install one in your garden. After you install decking, you can invite friends and family over to make the most of the beautiful weather and drinks. When planning one of these evenings, here are a few goodies to get in your bag for the ultimate summer of cider drinking.

Summer sipping doesn’t get much better than 64 ounces of your favorite cider at your side. Unless of course, those 64 ounces quench your thirst by way of a handmade ceramic growler from the Portland Growler Co. Choose from a variety of aesthetic glazes and accessible handles for a growler that is personalized if you please, and portable to boot. Perfectionists get excited: the wide-mouth porcelain flip-top lid and rubber gasket combo keeps cider fresh and carbonated while protective ceramic walls prevent summer sunrays from contaminating your loot. Thirty-two-ounce size also available. || $69-149

Goodbye warm cider, hello frosty cold drink of choice. The Oregon-based innovators of the Chilloozie present to you the first-ever vacuum sealed koozie, keeping your cider satisfyingly cold for up to two hours, because even the fastest cider guzzler can’t always beat the clock. Some people have their own Personalized Koozies to keep their drinks cool. The sleek stainless steel vessel comes with a built-in coaster and option to add a “super-powered ice cube” plastic Chill Pill that you can drop into the bottom of the koozie to keep things extra frosty. Pour straight into the koozie or slip in a pint glass to enjoy. || $30, $35 with glass

Remember how thrilled you were when someone stuck wheels on a backpack and dubbed it the roller backpack, thus commencing an era of travel convenience and jokes you’ll never live down? Well, it’s due time for a new level of grown-up tote-age and we promise it’s no joke: Picnic Time‘s Adventure Wine Tote, the triple-threat cooler, backpack and picnic table that will stand out in the best way. With two stemless wine glasses, a folding acacia table, a corkscrew and a bottle stopper, the only cheesy part about this setup will be the literal cheese you serve with your freshly chilled cider. || $112

Some party people string twinkling lights in their backyard; others light tiki torches. And still others take things one-step further, ensuring even their cider is lit. With Igloo‘s Party Bar cooler, you can be one of those cool kids, too. Featuring LiddUp LED technology, the party bar will illuminate the cooler’s goods, providing just the right transition from sunny and refreshing sippers to twilight tipples. Removable drink dividers and drink caddy keep things organized while tops are poppin’, and a built-in bottle opener and catch-cap bin ensures your patio will remain clean and bottle cap free. || $230

While it’s satisfying to sip on cider while you grill your summertime meats, it’s even more scrumptious to add apple flavor to the main course itself. Do so by grilling with Apple Wood Chips from Weber, which are soaked and drained, with the intention to be added directly to the coals or smoker box. This apple-powered infusion works especially well with pork chops, poultry and, of course, any type of bacon-wrapped goodness. || $4

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