Blake’s Hard Cider Rosé

by | Aug 15, 2018

Opening comments from the Cidercraft team on the belated summer release of Blakes’ Hard Cider Rosé: “This cider is flagrantly fragrant!” And rightly so as the Michigan apple base undergoes native fermentation before it is infused with Michigan strawberries and rose hips for the semi-sweet seasonal sip — there are a lot of smells going on. Don’t let the pretty pink hue persuade you into thinking this cider is tame either; aromas are big and boisterous, with candied citrus notes mixing with juicy strawberries, marked up with summer florals. The ABV also clocks in at 6.9 percent, sneaking in some alcohol weight to the full-bodied cider. Strawberry presides over the palate, with strawberry leaf and seed, plus apple skin, flavors in the wings, finishing generous in fruit and a coating, yet not cloying, mouthfeel.

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