Now Accepting Submissions for the 2020 Cidercraft Awards!

by | Sep 22, 2020

We are now accepting submissions for the 2020 Cidercraft Awards! This year, for the safety of our judges and volunteers, we have made the decision to run our judging remotely. We transitioned to this 100% remote and contactless judging with our 2020 Sip Magazine Best of the Northwest competitions and it was positively received from our volunteers, judges and producers, not only maintaining the integrity of our submissions to our blind competition but also following respectful safety protocol for all those involved.

Out in December, the fourth-annual Cidercraft Awards issue will feature our judging panels’ top picks for cider from around the globe. The top four winning submissions of each category will be awarded medals (platinum, double gold, gold and silver), creating the ultimate cider shopping guide for readers!

The ciders will be tasted blind, with a panel comprised of leading cider palates, judges and professionals, whose verdict we will relay onto the pages of the issue. Our goal is to provide our readers with unique and original content pertaining to the best of global cider and create an overall greater consumer awareness and appreciation of the continent’s oldest beverage.

The Cidercraft Awards are open to all commercially produced ciders across the globe pertaining to the below set submission categories.

If you are interested in submitting your cider to our blind tasting panel, please use the following rules for entry:

  1. Submission receiving deadline is Friday, November 13.
  2. Cost of entry is $60 USD for each individual product submission. Payment is accepted by check at the address listed below, or credit card online by clicking HERE (or by copying the link below into your browser*). The applicable fees must be paid with submission to be entered in the judging.
  3. Please fill out the linked submission form HERE (or by copying the link below directly into your browser**).
  4. Each form provides for up to five (5) submissions. If you are submitting more than five (5) products, submit one form and start a second (or third) until you are finished. The submission will not be entered in the judging if the form is not completed online.
  5. Send three samples of each submission.
  6. If a cider can apply to more than one category, a producer may submit it into both categories as separate submissions. If a single category is preferred, select the category in which the cider’s dominant characteristics would best fit.
  7. Please include the price of the product. Pricing is based on suggested retail price for the full unit. For example, $12 for 12oz 4-pack. 

*Credit card payment link: https://cidercraftmag.com/product/cidercraft-awards/

**Submission form link: https://tinyurl.com/CidercraftAwards2020


  1. BOTANICAL: Cider base infused with any combination of herbs, nectars, leaves, tea, etc.
  2. DESSERT/FORTIFIED: Ice cider, late harvest, pommeau-style or other styles with spirits added.
  3. FRUIT: Cider base infused or co-fermented with other fruits, such as pear, berry, tropical fruit, etc.
  4. HERITAGE: Apple- only, focused on the specific apple used, Old World-influenced. Typically made with multi-use apples (such as Russets, Baldwin, Gravenstein) or cider-specific fruit, resulting higher in tannin and acid. Fermented slower, typically three or more months. Also including keeved and still ciders.
  5. HOPPED: Cider base that has hops added.
  6. MODERN: Apple only, can be focused on specific apples, although usually with culinary/table apples; fresh, New World-style. Faster ferment, typically one month or less.
  7. NATURAL: Ciders made in a natural, traditional sidra style (sharp/semi-sharp apple varieties, lower bubbles, higher acidity), including Spanish sidra and ciders fermented using native yeast and without adjuncts. 
  8. PERRY: 100% fermented pear, made from pear varieties grown specifically for perry production, as well as those made from culinary/table pears. Can be labeled as pear cider as long as it is exclusively pear juice. Blended pear and apple ciders go in the Fruit category.
  9. ROSÉ: Cider with a pinkish hue, both made with heritage cider apples, including red-fleshed varieties, and made with culinary apples made pink with added adjuncts (such as berries, hibiscus). A cider may be pinkish in color and the cidermaker may choose not to use the rosé cider nomenclature, but all rosé ciders are pinkish in color.
  10. SINGLE VARIETAL: A showcase of one varietal; must be 80% varietal and apple only.
  11. SOUR: Ciders made intentionally sour using non-standard yeast, mixed fermentation and/or bacterial fermentation.
  12. SPECIALTY: A catchall category for unique blends, a cider base infused with any specialty ingredients such as squash, coffee, rhubarb, New England-style, etc. Also including cysers.
  13. SPICED: Cider base infused with any combination of spices or spicy vegetables, such as baking spices, habaneros, ginger, etc.
  14. STONE FRUIT: Cider base infused or co-fermented with stone fruit, such as cherry, apricot, plum, etc.
  15. WOOD-AGED: Ciders aged in or with wood, such as barrels, oak cubes, chips, staves, etc.

*Though unlikely for most, all categories are subject to change if submissions are too low or too high. In the case of lower submissions, cider would be merged into an appropriately fitting category; for higher submissions, a category of its own would be created.


  1. Carefully package all glass-format ciders, especially growlers, as shipping companies are not always gentle.
  2. Please do not use packing peanuts or popcorn.
  3. Ship all entries and check payments to the following address:

Seattle Wine Storage
Attn: Cidercraft Magazine
9401 Aurora Ave N
Lower Level, Building 1
Seattle, WA 98103

For in-person delivery, you may drop off directly to Seattle Wine Storage and let them know the delivery is for Cidercraft. Seattle Wine Storage is open from 12-6pm, daily. 

Cidercraft magazine is an award-winning publication exclusively covering the international phenomenon of cider and its thriving culture. Please join us in finding the best of the year to highlight and showcase in this issue. See last year’s winners here. Thank you!

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