6 Very Berry Ciders for August Sipping

by | Aug 3, 2020

Among the many highlights summer cuisine brings, berries are among the most eagerly awaited. As these days usher the return of peak-season for strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries, don’t miss out an opportunity to savor those ripe flavors in cider form. Each of these berries differ in taste and composition, now add the supporting flavors of fresh apples, and you’ve found yourself in a berry-cider-induced nirvana. Leave this work to the experts, and try these selects from six cideries that have ripened the typical cider with the sweet (or sour) tantalizing taste of summer berries.

Berry Rosé >> Ace Premium Craft Cider

The Berry Rosé from Sonoma County’s Ace Cider is a triple-berry merger of blackberry, raspberry and strawberry juices. With a taste reminiscent of your favorite homemade jam, get your buzz on with one (or a few) of these craft ciders and you’ll be seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. 

Strawberry Magic >> Ciderboys Hard Cider

Ciderboys Hard Cider worked their magic when they blended the fresh taste of strawberries into this year-round staple cider from the Wisconsin-born cidery. The beverage’s mouthwatering sweetness isn’t overpowering, and seals with a delicate hint of tartness in the finish.

Blueberry Cider >> Kennebec Cider Co.

The Blueberry Cider from Maine’s Kennebec Cider Co. is an unfiltered, semisweet pairing of handpicked blueberries and apples. Cold fermented to preserve the natural flavors of two of the state’s most-esteemed fruits, this homegrown Maine cider pairs well with chicken, pork and a variety of desserts. 

Black Widow >> Original Sin

Like the arachnid that shares this cider’s moniker, the Black Widow from Original Sin will lure you into a tangled web of blackberry-flavored goodness. Made with fresh-pressed, New York-grown apples, Black Widow has a different kind of bite –  one that is fruit-forward and tart – and is sure to leave you in a berry-flavored blur.

Stinger Hard Ciders >> The Hive Winery

The Utah-based craft distillery, The Hive Winery, also specializes in farmhouse-style ciders. With some of the ciders boasting a 6.95% ABV, they’re fittingly referred to as “stingers.” Try the sweet-tart Huckleberry Stinger or – if you can handle the heat – opt for the Raspberry Jalapeño Stinger.

Strawberry Cider >> Crown Valley Brewing

Crafted by Missouri’s Crown Valley Brewing is the semisweet, rose-colored Strawberry Cider. Balancing sweetness and acidity in every sip, enjoying it ice cold is the perfect way to beat the heat during those dog days of summer. This strawberry-infused, light cider is also a great way to wash down decadent desserts like a slice of rich chocolate cake. 

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