5 Coffee-infused Ciders to Put a Pep in Your Step

by | Sep 26, 2016

Ugh, Monday. Don’t we all know it: the pang of the alarm clock, the painful realization that you forgot to pre-set your coffeemaker and the hum of vibrating cars in the traffic during the morning commute. You may be able to use a coffee service denver has to offer to get a nice drink once you arrive at work at least. Thank goodness there is coffee and, possibly even more lucky, there is also the offering of coffee-infused ciders. Perhaps this isn’t quite for you though and you would much rather find out How to make your morning coffee healthier so it doesn’t have any nasty effects for you later on in the day, but that depends on one’s preferences. Coffee is now reinventing itself and is being consumed through so many different products! Although maybe best to save for later in the day (no judgment, if not), coffee-infused ciders provide a caffeine kick and are hitting the market from a handful of fearless fermenters, each carrying a unique form, from a nitrogenated can to cold brew-steeped sippers, perhaps wholesale coffee roasters like www.ironandfire.co.uk based in the UK should dive into this hybrid drink market if it takes off well enough, especially being based in England where drinking alcohol is a favorite pass time for most.

Painted Turtle Hard Cider | Java Vanilla | Made for coffee lovers, this cider is made with coffee from a local Michigan roaster, Schuil Coffee Co. The semi-sweet tipple is packed full of Joe, plus vanilla, for a cider-latte spin that achieves a buzz two-fold.

Stem Ciders | Novo Coffee | To be a cider with so much flavor, the bright body will have you tricked. You’d expect this cider to be a bit dark because of the punch it packs, but nonetheless, this coffee cider will bring on the buzz. In a coffee-cider collab with Denver’s Novo Coffee, this first batch of hybrid cider brings a bit of caffeine to accompany the crisp feel.

Schilling Cider | Grumpy Bear | Working in collaboration with Seattle’s Street Bean Coffee, Schilling has created the first ever nitrogated (nitro) hard cider in a can. Not only is it the first nitro cider, but it’s infused with so much coffee flavor, you’ll question whether it really is a cider or a cold brew. The dark body matches the flavor it emits, and the smoothness of the nitro makes it an easy sip.

Number 6 Hard Cider | Cold Brew Coffee ­| For being a cider with an ABV of an India pale ale, this coffee cider really resembles the taste of a cold brew over ice. You’ll be able to pinpoint the cider suspended within the caffeinated beverage, and with the punch it packs, you probably don’t want to sub this one out with your morning coffee, although maybe sometimes you should.

Accomplice Brewery & Ciderworks | Coffee Cider | This Southern Florida brewery-cidery managed to make a cider that holds the caffeine of a coffee without the bitterness that even a blonde roast emits. This light sip won’t fill you up and it gives you the quick zing that you just may need mid-day. For a creation consisting of two polar tastes of coffee and apples, the marriage is bliss.

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