5 Blueberry Infusions to Kick-off the Upcoming Summer

by | Apr 24, 2017

It’s the end of April and domestic blueberries are officially in action. Most of the southern states will begin harvesting next month and, before we know it, the superfood will be in its peak season of June through July. As we begin dreaming of sandals, barbecues and long warm evenings, here are some blushing blueberry-infused ciders to get you in that summertime state-of-mind.

Blue Moon Rizin’ | Urban Orchard Cider | Asheville, NC
If you find yourself in the Asheville area this summer, Urban Orchard Cider may be a place you need to visit. Their production process has a particular approach: a maturation phase of eight to 12 months, to bypass filtering and allow flavors to properly combine. And it’s slow and steady for this sipper — the Blue Moon Rizin’ ferments for three months on Oktoberfest lager yeast with organic Cedar Grove blueberries. The result? A semi-sweet experience with a delicate spice of cardamom.

The Fighter Cider | Blueberry Hill Estates | St. Williams, Ontario
Blueberries are the lifeblood of “Ontario’s oldest commercial high bush blueberry farm.” The estate carries options for all ages; including U-pick stations, a small market with homemade spreads and a selection of wines and ciders to choose from. In their signature concoction — The Fighter Cider — blueberry and blackberry are pitted against one another to culminate “a real knockout.” A crisp apple base with engaging notes of both fruits: who will win?

Blueberry | Kennebec Cider Co. | Winthrop, ME
Apples and blueberries: Maine’s “two beloved fruits.” Kennebec Cider Co. integrated the two and added the blueberry cider to its year-round lineup. This bottle-conditioned, blushing delight sips semi-sweet and unfiltered, leaving behind the delicate and complex flavor profiles one could want. Kennebec Cider Co. has plenty more to offer since Megan and Nathan Hall took over in 2015 — keep on the lookout for more events at their Winthrop orchard.

Pacific Coast Blueberry Zin | Cider Brothers | Lodi, CA
Nestled into California’s wine country of Lodi, brothers Michael and Paul Scotto decided to take on a new endeavor cider. The pair are originally fifth generation winemakers from Scotto Cellars. They bring their “winemaker’s approach” in an unconventional way of blending their cider with blueberries and California Zinfandel. Utilizing a self-invented technique of “frost fermentation,” the Cider Brothers can yield sweet and intricate flavors suitable for their Blueberry Zin.

Blueberry | Nine Pin Ciderworks | Albany, NY
The team at Nine Pin Ciderworks strives to be the bridging link between New York apple orchards and its bustling capital of Albany. Since its beginning in 2013, Nine Pin has created a hefty cider lineup that consistently explores new, eccentric ingredients. However, the Blueberry flavor is a mainstay. This rose-tinted cider is co-fermented with blueberries from Indian Ladder Farms, creating a well-integrated, complementing flavor profile of the two fruits.

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