The Original Craft Package: Screen-Printed Bottles with Universal Packaging

by | Jan 13, 2020

Screen printing has been used as an art form for hundreds of years. Universal Packaging has been perfecting this craft since 1985, with an aim to provide beverage makers a one-stop shop with a focus on high-quality, screen-printed bottles.

It starts with the canvas — aka the bottle. Universal supplies glass bottles from around the world and has its own line of glass designed specifically for the cider market. The newest bottle is an exciting 500-milliliter that’s available in both amber and flint (clear). Universal also provides other styles, like the traditional swing top and Champagne bottles.

The art and design process begin once the canvas is selected. Universal Packaging makes it easy by providing you with a graphic artist that will work with you throughout the entire process. The artists work with label art that your branding house provides, and they will also collaborate with you on a custom design. The designs are created specifically for screen printing and will utilize the latest print techniques and paints. Some design options include printing on the neck or shoulder, all the way around the bottle or coating the bottle in different colors and textures.

Before the bottles are printed, the team at Universal Packaging ensures the design meets all quality standards for print and then obtains your approval to proceed. Universal has several highly skilled decorators that carefully screen print the bottles. Once all the bottles are screen printed and inspected, they are heated at high temperatures which bonds the painted design permanently to the glass. This bond is unlike paper or other substrates; the screen printed bottle is highly durable and can be recycled through a cidery many times.

Universal will arrange to have your decorated bottles delivered to your door and without the need to label, the glass arrives ready to fill. Now it’s time to get your perfectly crafted cider into your thirsty customers’ hands.

Reach out over the phone at (866) 549-1323 or email at info@thinkuniversal.com.

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