Natural Nectar Apple Blueberry

by | Sep 9, 2015

By Brooklynn Johnson

No preservatives. No booze. No sweeteners. Not even any added water. When opening a bottle of Natural Nectar’s Apple Blueberry Sparkling Juice, you’ll find nothing but the fruit. Not only is the juice organic, it’s certified as biodynamic, a movement that encourages self-sustaining farming practices and a refrain from using any GMOs or any synthetic or chemical product and fertilizers. Good for the taste buds, good for the body.

The Apple Blueberry sparkling juice is a beautiful rose color, with golden hues shimmering underneath. Apple hits the nose first, just slightly pulling ahead of the blueberry with its tangy, but wonderfully sweet flavor. This juice pulls off a wonderful juxtaposition; the thick and hearty juice is lightened up with small, sparkling bubbles. The juice provides a wonderfully dynamic and flavorful alternative to boozy bubbles.

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