Atlas Cider Co. Hard Pom-Cherry Cider

by | Jun 17, 2015

By Nick Thomas

Using exclusively Pacific Northwest fruit juice, Bend, Oregon’s Atlas Cider Co. is the brainchild of the husband/wife duo Samantha and Dan McCoy that churns out deliciously crisp ciders, often featuring different fruits apart from apples.

Like the next big flavor combination to replace lemon lime that you’re now kicking yourself for not thinking of first, the pomegranate and cherry in their Hard Pom-Cherry Cider meld so well together it’s almost like Altas invented an all-new fruit. The clear, copper-rose colored pour offers yeasty, floral and fruity aromas to entice the senses, with low effervescence. The interplay between the subtle sweetness of the cherry and the subtle tartness of the pomegranate flavors dance playfully across the palate and demand that you take another sip. With its smooth taste and relatively low ABV of 5.8 percent, this cider is almost too easy to drink.

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