New York International Cider Competition Touts “Real World” Judging

by | Dec 13, 2018

The New York International Cider Competition (NYICC) will be held Feb. 10, 2019, in the heart of New York City right across from the world-famous Rockefeller Center! It will be the first international cider competition where all the judges are real trade buyers judging the ciders in a blind taste test by its category and actual price. We call this the “Real World.” The trade buyers will be importers, distributors, retail store buyers along with craft and cider bar-focused buyers.  

This is a great opportunity for an established cider producer to get their ciders in front of real trade buyers. It also allows new cider producers looking to enter the market to get in front of these same real trade buyers in a blind tasting. International commercial cider producers will also have an opportunity to participate in the competition as the NYICC is open to all commercially produced cider from around the world. The cider does not have to be sold in the New York area or even imported into the United States to enter.  

The NYICC will be using the recommended cider categories from the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) for we believe that cider producers should be judged in the right categories.

The results for the NYICC is for both the consumer and the trade. Consumers include price in their buying decisions and that should be included in the overall judging decisions. The consumer wants to know wants to know for example what is the best pear cider to buy at different price levels. The trade buyers wants to know what to buy at what price to put on their shelves or behind the bar and what well sell through at the right price! 

The creation of the NYICC is due to the amazing growth of the cider market and is a spinoff of the upcoming eighth annual New York International Beer Competition (NYIBC). These competitions are a part of the International Beverage Competitions Group (IBC), which hold trade-buyer-only beer, wine and spirits competitions in New York, Berlin, Melbourne and Asia (Hong Kong).

Winners of the NYICC will receive a physical two-inch medal and digital images for marketing materials as well as having the top winners showcased on our sister site, the Alcohol Professor, as well as trade and consumer events.  

We look forward to having ciders from around the world judged by real trade buyers in our New York International Cider Competition.


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