5 Ciders that Scream for Halloween

by | Oct 24, 2016

There’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than falling leaves, horror movie marathons and spooky drinks in hand. Lucky for us, cider is the ideal beverage to be enjoyed while passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. For those not getting into costume next week, sport a Halloween-inspired logo in your hand to keep you in perfect holiday form. In the long run, it’s what’s inside that counts and these five ciders are no disappointment in the flavor or seasonal branding department.

Hollow Jack | 2 Towns Ciderhouse | Corvallis, OR
A glowing jack-o-lantern is the face of this limited release cider. Pumpkin, with all of its fermentable sugars, makes a perfect partner for cider. In the Hollow Jack, apples are fermented with caramelized heirloom pumpkins and sweet potatoes for a deeply flavorsome cider. The apples and pumpkins create a harmonious taste, with true squash and transparent apple flavors allowing each note to shine through the dense flavor, accented with honey and spices in the finish.

Strawman | Angry Orchard | Walden, NY
This ciderhouse collection by Angry Orchard features a sinister scarecrow on its label to keep the frightening holiday spirit alive. Strawman combines traditional and bittersweet apples to produce a distinct cider flavor, which is then aged in oak barrels to achieve a complex, full-bodied flavor. Kept in a corked bottle, this cider has wine-like qualities with a rich, roasted nose that runs deep with a wonderfully bitter after taste.

Black Phillip | Blake’s Hard Cider Co. | Armada, MI
Infused with blood orange and cranberry, this cider is fueled with an array of flavors. Black Phillip’s packaging showcases a mountain goat staring straight into your soul, with searing red eyes. This eerie logo makes for a perfect fall companion when going to haunted houses and watching scary movies at home. The flavor profile in this cider is certainly less intimidating than it looks — the nose is expressively fruitful with sweet citrus and a good dose of tart cranberries. With a dry finish, this succulent cider will brighten the Halloween holiday.

Boneyard | See Canyon Hard Cider | San Luis Obispo County, CA
The face of this label is an up close and personal image of an uncanny, black owl to make for an especially spooky cider. The cider itself is nice and dry without sacrificing the mouthwatering taste of apples. Made locally and sold exclusively in California, Boneyard is a must try this Halloween season. It’s classically made and can be enjoyed by anyone who loves a simple dry cider.

The Grand Banks | Stormalong Cider | Sherborn, MA
Coming straight from the barrel after 10 months of aging in charred oak, this whiskey-aged cider is for those who take their cider seriously. The lab portrays a ship headed toward a supernatural sea creature. Not your typical fall-inspired released, this cider keeps it eerie year-round. With a complex set of tannins due to aging, the acidic palate features notes of toffee, vanilla and of course, whiskey. For those who enjoy bold flavors, this is a necessary pair during Halloween movie marathons.

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