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5 Cider Cans That Taste as Good as They Look

by | Apr 23, 2019

Tired of drinking out of ordinary cans that don’t make you think twice? Here are five detailed, label art-centric cider cans — and the vibrant stories behind them — that you will be unable to take your eye off of. 


cider cans

Strawberry Ginger Cider | Potter’s Craft Cider

The package of this cider speaks for itself. The pure, white background compliments the stunning red of the strawberries, emphasizing the flavors inside. Real ingredients, such as apples, ginger root and fresh strawberries from local Virginia farmers makes this cider a must. Based in Charlottesville, Potter’s Craft Cider perfectly balances the tartness of local apples with natural fruity sweetness without any residual sugar in this cider.


cider cans

Blossom of Remorse | Graft Cider

Get lost in the story of Nomad, a recurring character in with Graft Ciders’ Book of Nomad line. The New York maker’s ciders in this series not only have a unique flavor to each, but each canning has its own unique short story told in the design. Depicted on the Blossom of Remorse label is Nomad’s journey to find a rare flower that can only be found in a field of “copycat” flowers, and will reverse an evil witch’s spell cast on him. Enjoy this apricot cider — also imbued with matcha, lavender, vanilla, clover and white tea — while admiring the universe placed upon the can.


cider cans

No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider | Wölffer Estates

Experience the fruitiness of rosé wine mixed with six variety of local apples from the state of New York. Wölffer, based in Sagaponack, offers a pure, refreshing beverage that pairs well with party foods like cheese, salads, hors d’oeuvres or fruity desserts. Just like the cider itself, the can is light pink with small, aesthetic pictures of roses, sea creatures and more. This can is sleek and chic, providing a little sophistication to your life.


cider cans

Red Skies At Night | Stormalong Cider

This tropical passion fruit and hibiscus cider quenches away all summer heat. Sit back and watch the sunset set the sky on fire while you drink this crimson-hued drink. The can depicts an ocean scene with the night sky starting to bud to show itself for this rendition from Sherbon, Massachusetts. The name of the drink hangs in the sky of this can, making you want to star gaze after a long day.


cider cans

Hipster Brunch | 101 Cider House

101 Cider House located in Los Angeles, presents to you its cool-kid-focused sour cider. This apple base is fermented with peaches and Hawaiian red sea salt. The cider pairs well with pancakes, making it perfect brunch drink with your hipster friends, or those that just like brunching and drinking. The picture directly depicts the ingredients inside with a clever incorporation of three hipsters whose heads are an apple, peach or hop. Slightly humorous, fully flavorful.

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