Tieton Cider Works Lavender Honey

Farmlife in Central Washington, like many places, is one of utilization. In springtime, when everything is blooming and the bees are buzzing, the team at Tieton Cider Works begins brainstorming about what ingredients to add to their farm-based seasonal cider line, a program launched to curate to the Yakima cidery’s consumer demand. This year, the characteristics of spring were all they needed for inspiration: flowers and honey to create the Lavender Honey.

Post-fermentation, locally sourced honey and whole lavender buds are added to the cider for a robust bouquet of just that, sending calming and soothing aromas akin to ones you’d sink into at a day spa. Red apple and vanilla push through the herbal sweetness on the nose and onto the palate, with honey lingering throughout the semi-sweet and full-bodied cider. Acid is a bit lackluster and could offer some needed lift, but the flavor is vigorous and plush all the way to the end.

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