Photo courtesy of Eve's Cidery
Eve’s Cidery 2014 Beckhorn Hollow

Most young adults have no idea what they want to do with their lives until they hit their 30s and, even then, decisions are questioned. For Autumn Stoscheck, she was 21-years-old when she founded Eve’s Cidery. Tired of waiting tables and following her unlikely desire to prune apple trees for a living, she connected with sixth generation farmer James Cummins on his New York U-pick orchard and the cidery was born. Now, 16 years later, the lauded Eve’s Cidery is best known for its traditional method sparkling ciders focused on estate-grown fruit — American heritage apples along with classic cider apples — like the 2014 Beckhorn Hollow.

A blend of 10 apples, predominantly Northern Spy, with Golden Russet, Idared and more, Beckhorn Hollow is admittedly the cidery’s highest alcohol sipper at 8.9 percent, with the highest acidity measured as well. Echoing the apples used, this cider is aromatic and sharp, dry to the bone and structurally sound — a nod to the blender and a gateway drug for cider-snubbing wine drinkers. Yellow apple, fresh peach, citrus and spring blossoms on the nose are met with savory apple and orange rind on the palate, with a lick of honey in the sprightly, dry finish. This cider will water the taste buds and can possibly induce stomach grumbling: soothe with some funky, herb-crusted chèvre.

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