Alter Ego The Brute

When bored with wine, one often turns to cider for something old, something new, something borrowed and something equally fermentable. Our words, not theirs, but when two praised Oregon winemakers, Anne Hubatch of Helioterra Wines/Whoa Nelly Wines/Guild Winemakers and Nate Wall of McMenamins Edgefield Winery, teamed up with business manager (and the latter’s wife) Kris Wall, cider was shaping up to be the traditional beverage marriage they all were looking for. The Portland urban cidery launched in 2014 as Alter Ego, epitomizing as their “second selves” in beverage and fermenting small-batch Northwest fruit.

The Brute, one of two flagship ciders for the artisan trio, is jam-packed with pure apple perfumes, in addition to notes of golden raisin and dusty earth on the palate. Modern in style, these winemakers were able hone an apple-specific angle, courtesy of their experience in fermenting fruit, resulting in a cider juicy and vibrant in acid, crisp and refreshing in the finish.

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