Sweet Tooth: Pommeau-style Sippers

by | Mar 29, 2016

Traditionally from the north of France, pommeaus are aged in oak barrels and combine apple brandy with apple juice to create a bright, refreshing sipper that pairs excellently with dessert or hors d’oeuvres. These cideries have stuck with tradition in order to craft delightful apple-infused beverages in this style.

Sea Cider Pommeau || Saanichton, BC
This pommeau embodies the spirit of cooperation. Sea Cider gets their eau de vie from neighboring Victoria Spirits and blends it with Snow Apples to achieve a signature smoky taste. Sea Cider changes it up a little bit with this recipe aging the pommeau in bourbon barrels with a small amount of Hungarian Oak. Cinnamon, dried fruit and apple notes are strong with this beverage.

2 Towns Ciderhouse Pommeau-Apple Port || Corvallis, OR
Aged in French oak barrels for exactly a year this pommeau boasts a 19% ABV and claims the content will only get better with age. Cellaring this pommeau for up to 20 years will guarantee you an even better sip than on first purchase. After the bittersweet cider apples have been pressed this pommeau is mixed with Clear Creek apple eau de vie to provide its authentic taste.

Westcott Bay Cider Pommeau || Friday Harbor, WA
Although pommeau is normally known to be served with dessert, Westcott Bay’s Cider Pommeau is great for both before and after dinner. Following the original recipe of French farmers in Normandy this pommeau is aged in French oak barrels and the apple eau de vie used in this pommeau is made in house.

Big B’s Bourbon Barrel Pommeau || Hotchkiss, CO
Big B’s is more than your average cidery. The family-owned cidery treats their guests to a unique experience on the property. Equipped with a tasting room, orchard, café and campground, the Coloradan cidery is multi-faceted. One of the more popular beverages over at Big B’s is the Bourbon Barrel Pommeau. This pommeau is made with Winesap apples that have been cellar-aged before combining with an apple eau de vie with a kick (140 proof!) and put all of this apple goodness into bourbon barrels. After aging this sucker for a whole year a deliciously smoky pommeau awaits your tastebuds.

Tandem Ciders Pomona Dessert Wine || Suttons Bay, MI
Both transplants to the Michigan cider scene, Tandem Ciders was created by two New-Englanders who were set on moving to the prominent fruit-growing region of Leelanau County. Apple Brandy, sweet cider, oak barrels, you should know the recipe by now. The Pomona Dessert Wine from Tandem sticks to the basics. There is a unique little trick used in crafting this pommeau: the aperitif is switched between two different barrels during its aging process.

Uncle John’s Cider Mill Apple Dessert Wine || St. Johns, MI
Uncle John’s Cider Mill originally operated solely as a wholesale vegetable and fruit farm. During the 1970s the business endured tough times. And, desperate times call for desperate measures. John and Carolyn Beck hatched a plan to keep them afloat: they were going to sell apple cider. Fast forward to 2016 and Uncle John’s now offers ciders, wines, pies, donuts, breads and syrups. The Apple Dessert Wine from Uncle John’s pairs house-made apple brandy and farm fresh apple cider to create a smoothly balanced pommeau.

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