Pear Paradise: 9 Perrys to Lap Up

by | Feb 29, 2016

Get to know perry: the fermented beverage of pear juice. Often confused with pear cider (cider with pear juice added), perry is anything but that. Traditionally, perry is crafted from specific perry pear cultivars, carving a delicate and aromatic niche of its own within the alcoholic beverage market, while today, culinary and dessert pears make their way into the drink as the original cultivars can be different to find and grow. Perrys have been made for centuries in parts of Western Europe, especially regions within England and France. As North America sees a boom within the cider market, some producers have taken on the task of creating refreshing perries as well. From traditional renditions to modern production, here are 9 perrys we encourage you to read up—and stock up—on.

Tieton Ciderworks Sparkling Perry || Tieton, WA
Similar to Champagne in texture, the Sparkling Perry provides a beautiful dry finish. It’s perfect to “pear” with seafood of all of kinds. From oysters to skates the notes in this perry make sure to highlight all the best parts of your seafood dinner. But, don’t let dinner be your only excuse to try this beverage; everyone could use a little more pear in their life.

Uncle John’s Hard Cider Perry || St. Johns, MI
This perry from multi-generational Uncle John’s Hard Cider took home the 2015 Gold Medal at the British Cider Championships. With 6.5 percent ABV this perry isn’t a lightweight either. Fresh pear combines with citrus notes to provide a smooth refreshing experience on the palate.

EZ Orchards Poire || Salem, OR
Named after the French word for “pear” and how many French producers label their perry, Poire is a light and sippable perry made from estate-grown Forelle, Comice and Bosc winter pears. Pure Willamette Valley fruit makes a full appearance in this delicate, French-inspired perry full of warm, buttery aromas.

AeppelTreow Perry || Burlington, WI
Comice and Bosc pears come together nicely and fuse into a delightfully dry perry, with a splash of house-made Bartlett brandy. With a perfect balance between sweet and tart flavor, this perry pairs perfectly with Brie. If you are feeling adventurous try it as the liquor of choice in a St. Germaine cocktail.

Vander Mill Bon Chretien || Spring Lake, MI
Part of the cidery’s Heritage Series, Bon Chretian is made from Michigan-grown Bartlett pears—the most common pear in the United States. However, crisp, lightly carbonated and refreshing with its star pear varietal dating back to the days of King Louis XI, this perry is not your common sipper.

Rootstock Perry || Williamson, NY
Classic European-style perry is what you get when you pick up one of Rootstock’s perries. The Bartlett pears that are used in this beverage are handpicked from the multi-generational sister orchard, DeFisher Fruit Farms. A winner at the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry competition, this perry boasts mild acidity and vibrant coloration.

Sea Cider Perry || Saanichton, BC
This limited addition perry is made with true perry pears from Vancouver Island. Various dishes can be paired with this dry and flavorful perry. Salmon, samosas, pasta and shellfish all provide an exquisite texture when balanced with Sea Cider’s limited release perry. Get it while you can!

Nashi Orchards Asian Pear Perry || Vashon, WA
Nashi Orchard’s perry changes up the game a little bit. At Nashi they ditch the idea of using classic European pears and opt to make perry with an Asian twist. Using Asian pears, they strive to create a beverage that truly expresses all of the harmonious notes embodied by the Asian pears they grow. Currently, the perry is only available in a few shops in Seattle, Vashon and Tacoma. You can also travel to the orchard for a tasting and to purchase.

Neigel Vintner Pear Essentials || Wenatchee, WA
Exclusively a perry and pear cider producer, the Neigel brothers wouldn’t have been able to start their orchard without their grandfather Sylvester Neigel, who planted the family orchard after WWII. With a variety of flavors and variations, this particular perry from the lineup is all pear and made to satisfy “the purist” inside all.

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