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Cider School at Cider Riot

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Dear Cider supporters:
Class is in session January 23rd for the first in our 4-course education series on ciders of the world. From cider basics to in depth looks at regional cider styles from classic cider regions. All classes will be held at the Cider Riot! Pub, 807 NE Couch St, Portland, Oregon 97232.


Cider 101 January 23rd  6.30-9pm

You will learn all about how cider is made, how to taste cider, and the history of cidermaking, with a guided tasting of world class examples of New World, English, French and Spanish Ciders.
Cider Riot! Instigator Abram Goldman-Armstrong, BJCP National Beer Judge, and editor of NW Brewing News, shares his knowledge of cider gained over 20 years of cidermaking, writing, and travel to cideries and breweries around the world.

Cider 201 Spanish Ciders, Feb 20th, 6.30-9pm

Learn about and sample the ciders of Asturias and the Basque Country, with Morgan Miller, Cider Riot Enabler, one of America’s first cider bloggers, Morgan has spent 35 years in the beverage business, and will share his lifelong love of cider, along with Guest Speaker Chris Barnes, of Point Blank Distribution. A noted expert on cider, Chis will talk about the history of some of the Basque and Asturian ciders to be sampled.

Cider 201: English Ciders- March 20th, 6.30-9pm

Abram Goldman-Armstrong and Dan Lawrence of Stone Circle Cider in Estacada, who worked at the famous Wilkins Farmhouse Cider in Somerset provide an overview of the traditional ciders of the English West Country, including an in depth look at production methods and sampling of a variety of the finest ciders of Somerset and Hereford.

Cider 201: French Ciders-April 17th, 6.30-9pm

Cider Riot’s cidermaker Angie Watkins, Sommelier, who will be travelling to cideries of Normandy and Brittany with the Northwest Cider Association and Kevin Zelinski, cidermaker and orchardist from E.Z. Orchards in Salem present an introduction to the ciders of Norman and Breton ciders, including an explanation of the keeving method of cider production and exploration of French cider apple varieties,