Photo courtesy of Virtue Cider
Virtue Cider 2015 Seedling Orchard with Apricots

The state, province or region might be listed on the label of your cider, but where exactly does all the fruit come from that is in the bottle? Virtue Cider knows — with its Orchard Series ciders, the Michigan cidery can track precisely where the fruit comes from, in a partnership with a handful of multigenerational family farmers. For the 2015 Seedling Orchard tribute cider, Virtue’s cidermaking team seeks to completely express the fruit of the tenured grower in South Haven, Michigan, with minimal yeast intervention on the handpicked Golden Russet, Northern Spy and Grimes Golden heirloom blend. Fresh, tart and true to apple aromatics, the juicy yet dry hit of apricots from the same orchard spreads the weight out on the mid-palate, leaving a whisper of tannin from the apple and adding a touch of orange citrus in the finish.

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