Vermont Cider Co. Addison

Simple and straightforward, landmark long-term producer Vermont Cider Co. will release its first “ultra-premium” line of ciders. You might know them better as the house of tenured producer Woodchuck; immigrant by way of Vancouver, Canada, Wyder’s Cider; and importers of both Magners Irish Cider and Blackthorn. The American-made ciders are crafted in Middlebury, Vermont, at the established residence of Woodchuck’s ciderhouse which now brings in thousands to its location on the annual.

This site is also in the heart of Addison County, the “Napa Valley of cider,” with its majestic mountains, pristine lakes, affable town folk and quality apples. An homage to this historic and prestigious cider region, Vermont Cider Co.’s flagship is Addison, a semi-dry cider, available year-round in the Northeast starting next month. Fermented with premium yeasts and for a longer, cooler period, this blend receives no added sugar for a truly off-dry profile of baking spices, red apple and golden raisins. Bright acid and ripe flavors contribute to the balance in this slightly tannic, slightly more “traditional” cider for the large-scale maker.

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