Variety Spotlight: Baldwin Ciders

An East Coast native, the Baldwin Apple was once a staple in American households. Known for its complexity, this multi-purpose apple gives a twist on the classic apple pie or the traditional cider. But in 1934, the Baldwin fell victim to the harsh East Coast winters, nearly wiping out the fruit. Fortunately for us, the apple is most often seen in ciders, sporting its unique and crisp taste, making it a fan favorite whenever it makes an appearance. These four ciders focus in on the Baldwin, showcasing why the variety is back in fashion.

Baldwin | Embark Craft Ciders
This farm-based New York cidery is reviving the once most popular fruit of the East Coast through an exclusively Baldwin ferment. Much like the apple, Embark’s cider is free of any blights and blemishes, creating the dry, tantalizing taste that makes this an ultimate go-to cider for the warm weather ahead.

Baldwin | Uncle John’s Hard Cider
Crafted from Lake Michigan-grown Baldwin apples, Uncle John’s Baldwin is as good as gold. Aged in stainless steel, the baked apple essence and fruity infusions is purely from the fruit alone, allowing the apple to show off its mineral finish that makes this tipple perfect for summer and well deserving of its award-winning taste.

King Baldwin | Bellwether Hard Cider
This New York cidery is making old new again with this Baldwin-highlighted cider. Blending together the antique flavor of the Finger Lakes Tompkins King Apple with the Baldwin, this dry cider offers a tart kick that evolves into a complex finish. The diverse layers make this cider the perfect tag-along for any lunch or dinner date.

Baldwin | West County Cider
Massachusetts’ Maloney family has been making artisanal dry ciders since the 1980s, arguably the oldest still continuously producing cidery, but a West County favorite is their Baldwin cider. Staying true to their roots, this cider is dry in taste but rich in flavor, exhibiting much depth and texture. Rounding out the savory taste is a smooth finish that allows this cider to pair with your latest craving.

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