Washington Gold Cherry Hard Cider

By Brooklynn Johnson
Photo courtesy of Washington Gold Cider

The makers over at Washington Gold Cider in Chelan, Washington have been in the business of apples upward of 40 years. This fruit is a family affair at the small farm, those young and old lend their helping hands to take fruit from branch to bottle. Three flavors are offered throughout the year: Heritage, Original and Cherry. Bringing the unparalleled Washington apple to the Golden State, their cider can currently be purchased in retail stores throughout Southern California and their home state of Washington.

Washington Gold Cherry Hard Cider sits regally in its tall bottle, the signature Washington Gold pick-up truck and cherries are etched into the glass and gleam gold against the rich, bold and bright red of the cider, reminiscent of a gold jewel-encrusted king’s crown dazzled with rubies. The cider pours with a soft effervescent crackle, the red shining through once the white foam has dissipated and the cider has settled, the color marking the cider undeniably as cherry. Upon opening, the sturdy scent of freshly-picked autumn apples wafts up with confidence, hitting the nose with the warm familiarity of brightly colored leaves and crisp fall air. The cherry scrumpy runs like red satin down the throat—smooth and uninterrupted. The semi-sweet, sugar-kissed apple flavor hits first, and then transitions and finishes dry as it reveals a hint of tart, ripe cherry.

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