Recipe: The Bigger, Better Cider Cocktail

With summer in full swing, that can only mean the best sips of summer are too. The crew at Austin Eastciders of Austin, Texas, is taking full advantage of the seasonal flavors with the cidery’s new Blood Orange cider. A zesty, dry sip made with Sicilian blood oranges, heirloom bittersweet apples and American dessert apples, this is far from a one-and-done sipper: the team at Austin Eastciders crafted nearly a dozen versions before dubbing Blood Orange the winner.

“Our research and development team is always playing around and experimenting with new and unique styles,” says Danica Ferrell, digital marketing manager for the cidery. “Blood Orange was a clear standout when we did sensory testing with the team. Definitely an emotional reaction from the group when they got to the sample.”

While Ferrell says the Blood Orange is a standout on its own, its diverse flavors make for a ideal addition to a cocktail. The cidery teamed up with mixologist Nick Bustillos of the acclaimed Weather Up in Austin to create The Bigger, Better Cider cocktail to beat the summer heat.

“Blood Orange Cider is a great cocktail base,” Ferrell says. “You can’t go wrong with vodka or tequila for a twist on a screwdriver or tequila sunrise, but the Bigger, Better Cider is next-level good.”

The Bigger, Better Cider
Recipe by Nick Bustillos, Weather Up, Austin, TX

¾ ounce lime juice
1 ounce vodka
¾ ounce Galliano Italian liqueur
Austin Eastciders Blood Orange Cider, to top
Peychauds bitters, to taste

Add ingredients to a mixing tin and shake to combine. Pour over ice in a tall glass. Top with cider and add Peychauds bitters to taste. Garnish with the slice of blood orange.

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