Cider Riot! Lullaby of London

Community is big in Portland, Oregon. The local food and drink movement here fuels much of the craft beverage machine, with the majority of beer drinkers consuming Oregon-made beers and Portland regularly listing in the top three cider-drinking cities in the United States. Bringing together local and beverage, the team at Cider Riot! is adding another collaboration to its catalog, the Lullaby of London.

Northwest apples are aged in local distillery Ransom Spirits’ gin barrels — that formerly housed an IPA from Portland’s Gigantic Brewing — in a limited edition cider for the 20th anniversary of celebrated Portland bottle shop Belmont Station. Sharp, herbal whiffs of wood, yellow apple and golden raisin flesh out into gin-like notes of juniper and savory herbs on the palate. Botanical baking spices sympathize with bittersweet apple flavors for a bone-dry and crunchy finish.

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