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Cider Cocktail Recipe: Apple Jack Flip

From the “Drowned Lands” of Warwick, New York, comes this feisty applejack from Black Dirt Distillery, part of the Doc’s Draft Hard Cider family. Produced from 100 percent Jonagold apples, this brandy is aged a minimum of four years in new charred American oak barrels. Black Dirt was named after the flood plains region of New York, just a little over an hour away from the Big Apple. These plains are so fertile, many have referred to them as the largest compost heap in the country with soil that has up to 90 percent organic matter, giving it that signature title color. Black Dirt Apple Jack is woody and bourbon-esque, with cinnamon and dried stone fruit to finish.

The Flip is one of the oldest American cocktails recorded, dating back to the 1690s. Back then, it was made with beer and served hot. Thankfully, the egg replaced the beer for frothiness and it is now served chilled. If you’re a fan of eggnog and want to mix it up (literally) this holiday weekend, you’ll love this apple brandy rendition.

Apple Jack Flip
Makes 1 cocktail

1 ½ ounces Black Dirt Apple Jack
1 ounce spiced rum
½ ounce real maple syrup
1 whole organic egg
Garnish: fresh grated nutmeg

Measure the applejack, spiced rum and maple syrup into a cocktail shaker. Add the egg and fill with ice. Shake vigorously for at least 15 seconds or until very frothy. Strain into a cocktail glass or stemless wine glass, then garnish with a freshly grated nutmeg.

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