Angry Orchard 2015 First Flora


The attractively bottled 2015 First Flora highlights the work of Angry Orchard and head cidermaker Ryan Burk’s work in the…


By Leesy Latronica
To drive an hour east of downtown San Diego to the small ex-mining town of Julian, Calif., is essentially to time travel to a piece of early America. Modern-day sightings of tourists with iPhones and SUVs are juxtaposed with the occasional horse-and-carriage and a backdrop of rolling hills spotted with apple trees.

by Genevieve Iverson
With a careful attention to dry and off-dry, Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider of Portland, Ore., showcases the full flavors of Pacific Northwest apples from Willamette Valley, Yakima Valley and Hood River areas. Of their year round cider varieties, the Revelation Newton Pippin particularly speaks to a hot summer day.
Fresh from the bottle, Newtown Pippin pours a clear white yellow with some bubbles and a hint of green.

By Leesy Latronica
Since Boston Beer Co. (of Samuel Adams lager fame) launched Angry Orchard Cider Company in 2011, the brand’s straightforward, non-intimidating flavor profiles (and price tags) have earned its ciders a lasting home on supermarket shelves nationwide.

By Genevieve Iverson
Slipping into a refreshing, pear-induced summer buzz requires a pear cider that stands up to both expectations and its appearance. The Pitchfork, Sonoma Cider’s pear concoction, hits fresh with immediate crisp apple flavors that wake up the taste buds and is best indulged cold. It balances out into a smooth vanilla-laced pear finish that leaves a comfortable creamy essence behind. It’s an all-around flavor that energetically hints on fruit from beginning to end.

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