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Both the Columbia River Gorge and the Hood River Valley are synonymous with orcharding, from cherries and chestnuts to apples…


by Genevieve Iverson
Poverty Lane Orchards & Farnum Hill Ciders in New Hampshire are producing high acid dry ciders that burst in aromatic flavors. The Dooryard Still Ciders, featuring all this and in a very robust way, bringing out flavors in food pairings but also remaining light on the mouth.
Made in generally small batches, Farnum Hill’s Dooryard Still Cider (they also make a sparkling) sticks exclusively in the world of semi-dry and dry ciders, so don’t expect anything sweet.

By Leesy Latronica
In an abundance of renowned vineyards that have become the lifeblood of Sonoma County, Calif., Ace Cider holds its own. Since launching in 1993, the California Cider Company project has been no stranger to industry “firsts” and “bests.” Following the release of its original hard apple offering, Ace bottled the first ever California-made perry.

By Leesy Latronica
Throughout its 19 years in the industry, Sunnyvale, Calif.,-based Red Branch Cider Company has perfected the art of craft cider at its Bay Area cidery—and it’s clear from the moment you pop the cap off a bottle of Hard Raspberry.
Immediately, a burst of fresh raspberry hits the nose. Delayed gratification goes out the window, as berry fans will likely find themselves enticed to dive right in for a sip of this apple nectar.

By Leesy Latronica
When Charles and Milissa McGonegal partnered with Burlington, Wisc.,’s Brightonwoods Orchard in 2001, they modeled AeppelTreow Winery and Distillery after a shared mission to produce hard cider and perry that remained “true to the apple.” Since its early days, AeppelTreow has rallied three generations of cider-passionate relatives to harness the traditional European farmstead approach to cider making.

By Genevieve Iverson
La Face Cachee de la Pomme—translating directly to “the hidden side of the apple”—came to be in southern Quebec in 1994 under the eye of Francois Pouliot, and has been making ice cider ever since. Now reaching to more than 20 other countries, this cidery produces the Neige series of ice wines, and has certainly gained its fair share of praise.
In a merge of sweet and light, Neige Bubble is a sparkling cider with a defining quality: a healthy dose of ice wine.

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