Angry Orchard 2015 First Flora


The attractively bottled 2015 First Flora highlights the work of Angry Orchard and head cidermaker Ryan Burk’s work in the…


By Leesy Latronica
In recent history, there has arguably never been a better time for North American beer diehards to crossover to the cider side. At what seems to be nearly every turn, cider makers are increasingly tempting IPA lovers to sip and see for themselves. With careful rhyme and reason, producers are selecting hop varieties known for their citrus, floral, earthy and mild bittering qualities—anything to complement the apples in question.

By Nick Thomas
The same guys who brought you Willamette Valley, Oregon’s 2 Towns Ciderhouse also produce a series of limited-vintage, handmade artisanal ciders under the name Traditions Ciderworks. These ciders, which act as a linchpin between Pacific Northwest cider styles and traditional Old World cider styles, include the Pinot Noir-barrel aged cider called Afton Field and the 19-percent ABV cider aged for one year in French oak barrels called Pommeau.

Vancouver Island is quickly becoming a fountainhead of British Columbia cideries—its newest being Tod Creek Craft Cider., owned and operated by cider maker Chris Schmidt on his orchard and farm near Prospect Lake. After spending five years restoring and renovating the land on the once-working dairy farm, Schmidt also planted 50 cider variety trees on his orchard.

By Leesy Latronica
For Sonoma Valley area food and beverage buffs, winemaking is in the air they breathe. So when Motorcycle Wineries cider and wine distributor Troy Carter joined forces with Old World Winery mastermind Darek Trowbridge to bottle a small-batch cider, the result was bound to be a rare blend of orchard flavors dominated by classic wine characteristics.
While the Troy Cider MMXIII is complex in every way, it can ultimately be boiled down to a single descriptor: wild.

By Nick Thomas
Nestled in the quaint and isolated Yakima Valley region of Washington state, which grows a significant portion of the United States’ hops and apples, Tieton Cider Works has been happily producing cider since 2008. But its apple lineage doesn’t begin there—the land used to grow Tieton’s apples has been family owned and producing fruit since the 1920s. Needless to say these guys know apples, but they also offer a wide variety of ciders infused with other fruits.

By Leesy Latronica
Michigan meets Saskatchewan, Canada in this lovechild of international terroir from J.K.’s Scrumpy Cider. At its Almar Orchards base, J.K.’s marries fresh-pressed Saskatoon apples (the undercover star of the Canadian prairie land) with Michigan’s very own family-grown cider apples for each batch of this natural farmhouse-style “cider that knows no borders.

By Leesy Latronica
A solid gateway option for both the hop-shy and the cider-wary beer devotee, Doc’s Draft Dry Hopped offers a taste of the cidery’s award-winning original recipe, further enhanced by a secondary hop kick.
About 50 miles from Manhattan, the New York-based cidery is an offshoot of Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery—but its unique hard cider combinations are anything but an afterthought.

By Nick Thomas
Traditionalists be warned—fruit-infused ciders are all the rage of the New World. Shove your traditional apple to the back of your fridge for a bit (it will be patiently waiting for you when you return) and make room for a different kind of delicious in your fridge. The sweetness and liveliness of fresh farm cherries offers a welcome sidestep to the apple-centered cider market—cherries are kindred spirits to apples, often grown in temperate regions where apples thrive.

By Genevieve Iverson
October is a month of transition in the Pacific Northwest, from the summer sun to the autumn rain and the return of the winter holiday season. And as the summer cools off, the local cider folk have a chance to warm us back up with seasonal beverages that pair just fine with a blustery stay-at-home kind of day.
2 Towns Ciderhouse, located in Corvallis, Oregon, has a seasonal that knows what fall and winter is all about.

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