Recipe: Square Mile Cider Brined and Smoked Ribs


When it comes to ribs, slow and steady wins the race. For Jake Neilson — associate brand manager at Oregon’s…


By Nick Thomas
Photo by Rachel Brown
When it comes to breaking the mold with Saturday-morning pancakes, spatula-wielders typically play with the recipe’s solid ingredients and add little treasures such as blueberries or chocolate chips to the batter. The results, while still highly delicious, pale in comparison to playing with the liquid ingredients of your go-to pancake recipe. For a slight apple taste in your next stack of flapjacks, try adding some cider to the mix.

By Nick Thomas
This year’s Oktoberfest may be over, but that’s no reason to quit drinking seasonals, eating brats and generally being merry. Embracing this time of year, the Woodchuck Fall Harvest cider is an ode to the season, bringing “farmer and communities together to celebrate another year of fruitful labor.” The juicy cider is loaded with apple aromas and flavors, matched with baking spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and vanilla from the American White Oak barrels.

By Margo Greenman
There aren’t many ways to improve an already perfect food. Bacon, in itself, is a masterpiece. Whether you eat it straight or use it to accentuate the flavors in other dishes through its fat or texture, there’s really no wrong way to eat it. As someone who is 100 percent guilty of being completely bacon-obsessed, I love finding new, creative ways to enjoy this humble delicacy.

The holidays are on the horizon and with the harvest’s bounty growing in its abundance, it’s time to start planning a dessert selection to please your party, whether it’s a Tuesday night duo or a weekend production. In preparation, food and beverage writer Margo Greenman was generous enough to share her quick and easy recipe for Hard Apple Cider Crisp. Taken up a dram, this crisp is made even better when infused with Orondo, Wash.,’s Orondo Cider Works’ Hard Cider.

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