Recipe: Tulalip Resort Casino’s Spiked Apples and Cream Sauce


For 13 years, the Tulalip Resort Casino has been cultivating a luxury experience just 30 minutes north of Seattle’s downtown…


By Peter Holmstrom
Full disclosure: I’m a huge fan of “Mad Men.” It’s arguably the sole reason I started drinking Manhattans.
Now, with Mad Men sadly coming to a close, we take a look at some of the inventive ways cocktail chefs are bringing together the worlds of cocktails to our favorite beverage—hard cider. The Internet is ripe with recipes, either developed by bar chefs, or the at-home consumer, and we’ve collected a few (as well as preferred cider selection) right here.

Story and photography by Margo Greenman
Cider is a sweet and beautiful thing. But it isn’t always sweet and doesn’t have to taste sweet either. Sometimes the best savory dishes are those that are laced with the slightest hint of fruit, chocolate, caramel or other flavors you would likely find on the dessert menu. When used in moderation, these flavors can subtly change the flavor profile to your favorite dishes, transforming them from good to great.

By Jill Lightner
Photography by Amy Johnson
Cider, like food, should taste like where it comes from—which is why we combed North America from coast to coast, sourcing recipes from chefs who understand a sense of place. This is one of five chefs who offered up the menu items for the winter and spring season that not only highlight where they come from, but ciders from their own backyards.

By Nick Thomas
Photography by Grace Schrater
Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow a couple weeks ago, but the West Coast didn’t seem to get that memo—sorry, East Coast. Spring has sprung early on the left in a relatively sunny and mild Washington, and for some reason, all I can think about are the days of my youth and grabbing some fish and chips and a root beer with my grandfather at his favorite restaurant when I’d visit him in Arizona during my grade-school Spring Break.

By Nick Thomas
Photography by Grace Schrater
For some reason, when my sweet-tooth starts yelling at me to satisfy its sugary cravings, my lazy-tooth rolls his eyes and says, “Fine, make a sweet treat, but let’s not do too much work or dirty up too many dishes.” It’s sad but I’ll admit it: thinking about all the mixing bowls, utensils, pans, etc. that I’d have to clean up after a simple batch of cookies sometimes causes me to explore simpler options.

As much as I love the weather in my home of the Pacific Northwest—sun and my skin play as well together and Kim Jong Un and free speech—at times the dreariness and rain puddles can begin to wear on me and occasionally I long for the days when I can fill a car with my friends and cooler, and head down to the beach. At the right beaches at the right time of year, we can even catch our own clams and roast them on a bonfire right by the water, which makes for the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Taco Tuesday isn’t a national holiday just yet, but until that glorious day inevitably comes (a guy can dream, can’t he?) you can let these Chipotle-Cider Street Tacos tide you over.

By Nick Thomas
Photo by Rachel Brown
When it comes to breaking the mold with Saturday-morning pancakes, spatula-wielders typically play with the recipe’s solid ingredients and add little treasures such as blueberries or chocolate chips to the batter. The results, while still highly delicious, pale in comparison to playing with the liquid ingredients of your go-to pancake recipe. For a slight apple taste in your next stack of flapjacks, try adding some cider to the mix.

By Nick Thomas
This year’s Oktoberfest may be over, but that’s no reason to quit drinking seasonals, eating brats and generally being merry. Embracing this time of year, the Woodchuck Fall Harvest cider is an ode to the season, bringing “farmer and communities together to celebrate another year of fruitful labor.” The juicy cider is loaded with apple aromas and flavors, matched with baking spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and vanilla from the American White Oak barrels.

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