Recipe: Square Mile Cider Brined and Smoked Ribs


When it comes to ribs, slow and steady wins the race. For Jake Neilson — associate brand manager at Oregon’s…


From New York’s Finger Lakes region comes the Beckhorn Hollow cider from the small, family-run orchards of Eve’s Cidery. The cider is made using the traditional Champagne method and owners Autumn Stoscheck and Ezra Sherman take a more holistic approach to their orchards, experimenting with organic processes.

Beignets lie in the sweet spot between brunch and dessert, and a creamy white chocolate mousse makes it taste even more sinful. The intense black cherry and vanilla flavors of Liberty Ciderworks Manchurian Crabapple Single Varietal port-style cider takes the pairing over the edge.

Brunch is all the rage these days. From sweet to savory, the most important meal of the day might also come with a very important beverage—cider. Try this oven-roasted salmon dish from Québec cooking sensation Danny St-Pierre of Petite Maison. The fish gets herbaceous notes and sweet onion flavor thanks to a simple, sophisticated recipe made with Neige ice cider by La Face Cachée de la Pomme, which makes a very apt pairing.

“Does the limited-edition labeling make Ruby’s Gay Hard Cider taste any different than our regular Ruby Hard Cider? No. Will it make you gay? You can always hope.”
Setting the tone for the specially labeled flagship cider on the back of the bottle, Mountain West Cider aims to “put some gay in your day” for June and July’s Pride festivals throughout North America.

Among the most classic comfort food combos, beer and burgers get a lot of love. But as cider continues to earn its way into the pub grub realm, there is a lot to be said for substituting ale for apples.

It was a long and sometimes fruitless – but mostly very fruitful in the apple sense – journey for Burlington, Vermont’s Citizen Cider, but the once small-batch cidery has successfully settled into the acclaim of the East Coast cider world.

Originally a wine bar known as Six Plates, Durham North Carolina’s Black Twig Cider House had much to live up to upon transitioning into the cider world.
“We wanted to show the beauty of cider,” explains owner Mattie Beason of Black Twig’s journey from wine bar to cider house, adding that while wine can be daunting, the cider world is “smaller than the wine world” and much more tight-knit and approachable. “Its easy to keep up with it,” says Beason.

Doughnuts have always been one of my favorite desserts. But what’s not to like about sweet, chewy, deep-fried dough? While I loved eating the pillowy rounds of sugar-drenched sweetness, the idea of making doughnuts in my own kitchen always seemed off limits. I didn’t have a deep frier, after all. The fact of the matter, however, is that making doughnuts is not as challenging a feat as it appears.

Seasonal restaurant Roots Cafe of West Chester, Pennsylvania knows a thing or two about making magic out of a cluster of seemingly random ingredients. Their ever-evolving menu relies on farm-to-table produce sourced from local farms, and as a result, artistic plates are graced with elements like rosemary, apple chutney, leek yogurt sauce and more.
Head chef and owner Dan Cellucci’s recipe for Wild Mushroom Spaetzle – a type of egg noodle dish – is no different.

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