Recipe: Cider “Iced” Hard Lemonade


You may be more familiar with the brands Woodchuck and Wyder’s, the longtime and consumer-familiar brands of Vermont Cider Co.,…


With nearly everything on the menu at Bull City Ciderworks made in house, finding impressionable flavor is guaranteed, particularly when it comes to the ciders and how they’re incorporated into dishes.
Harry Monds, chef at the ciderhouse in Lexington, North Carolina, says he used to not enjoy cider, often thinking it was way too sweet. That all changed after trying the many different varieties that Bull City had to offer.

Known as the “Onion Capital of Canada,” Thedford is a small community in Ontario and home to Twin Pines Orchards & Cider House. Growing, pressing and fermenting on the property gives this producer the title of “estate winery” and their Hammerbent Red sparkling cider is a best of the orchard blend, using Red Court Cortland, Northern Spy, Ida Red and Golden Russet apples.

The charm behind pork’s 1980s nickname as “the other white meat” can still bring a smile to meat lovers faces. The sheer versatility of the dish makes it a home cook’s favorite, but it can often be hard to decide just what exactly to do with the meat. You can bake it, grill it, sear it on a skillet, serve it with fruit or with vegetables, make it spicy or sweet. It’s enough to make your head spin.

A sweet tooth is hard to deny. To sate this hankering, Urban Orchard Cider Co. in Asheville, North Carolina, has a sweet and sticky solution.
Pairing takes priority at this popular urban cidery, which brings cider to the thirsty and savvy masses of this buzzing beverage city. Focused on pairing their ciders with each food item on the menu, whether it be savory, sweet, raw or cooked, marketing and creative director Jeff Anderson says it really brightens up the dish.

From New York’s Finger Lakes region comes the Beckhorn Hollow cider from the small, family-run orchards of Eve’s Cidery. The cider is made using the traditional Champagne method and owners Autumn Stoscheck and Ezra Sherman take a more holistic approach to their orchards, experimenting with organic processes.

Beignets lie in the sweet spot between brunch and dessert, and a creamy white chocolate mousse makes it taste even more sinful. The intense black cherry and vanilla flavors of Liberty Ciderworks Manchurian Crabapple Single Varietal port-style cider takes the pairing over the edge.

Brunch is all the rage these days. From sweet to savory, the most important meal of the day might also come with a very important beverage—cider. Try this oven-roasted salmon dish from Québec cooking sensation Danny St-Pierre of Petite Maison. The fish gets herbaceous notes and sweet onion flavor thanks to a simple, sophisticated recipe made with Neige ice cider by La Face Cachée de la Pomme, which makes a very apt pairing.

“Does the limited-edition labeling make Ruby’s Gay Hard Cider taste any different than our regular Ruby Hard Cider? No. Will it make you gay? You can always hope.”
Setting the tone for the specially labeled flagship cider on the back of the bottle, Mountain West Cider aims to “put some gay in your day” for June and July’s Pride festivals throughout North America.

Among the most classic comfort food combos, beer and burgers get a lot of love. But as cider continues to earn its way into the pub grub realm, there is a lot to be said for substituting ale for apples.

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