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Summer ain’t over yet. Here are a few goodies to get in your bag for the ultimate summer of cider…


By Leesy Latronica
In 2012, Virginia became the first state to celebrate an official Cider Week, followed by New York, Oregon and Washington. Starting Nov. 14, go back to where it all began as the original Cider Week returns for its third year in celebration of Virginia’s flourishing artisan cider scene.
Hard cider has had its ups and downs since the 18th century, when Thomas Jefferson first planted apple trees at Monticello, his home in Charlottesville, Va.

By Leesy Latronica
If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you appreciate a good, cold bottle of craft cider, either on its own or alongside a meal (and if that’s not yet the case, you’ve come to the right place).

By Leesy Latronica
As the craft cider revolution continues to gain traction, wine and beer diehards are gradually discovering what the hype is about. Cider makers around the country are packaging fine sparkling ciders in 750 ml and longneck bottles as apple-centric alternatives to traditional carbonated wines and beers.

Washington has long been known for its crisp, homegrown apple varieties, and in recent years, the region has developed a reputation for equally killer hard cider. For the third year, Northwest Cider Association’s Washington Cider Week kicks off tomorrow (and even tonight!) with a 10-day-long celebration of the long-time international beverage.
Washington Cider Week kicks off on Thursday, September 4th, with tasting events galore. Washington is one of six states in the U.S.

By: Leesy Latronica
On September 13, Killington, Vermont will join the lineup of New England-area cider celebrations with a daylong inaugural blowout. The Vermont Cider Festival will kick off this year’s harvest season with a spread of handcrafted hard ciders, local artisan cheeses and Vermont apple slices – sure to keep grazers satisfied.

By Megan Walsh
Originally ran on the site of our sister publication, Sip Northwest, this story comes from We Dig, our Tuesday trends column.
It’s rare to find a restaurant with a beverage menu boasting of their alternating cider selections meticulously chosen to pair well with their entrees, for wine tends to have a monopoly on this particular market.

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