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Both the Columbia River Gorge and the Hood River Valley are synonymous with orcharding, from cherries and chestnuts to apples…


From Southern Cliff Brands, a boutique supplier of premium beverage brands in Canada, comes Pommies ciders—the 100-percent Ontario-grown hard cider. Sans artificial flavor, color or concentrate, Pommies is made from five varieties of Ontario “heritage” apples. Pressed and fermented in tank until dryness, Pommies back-sweetens with glucose fructose (they own up to “about a teaspoon per bottle”) for an approachable, medium-sweet and soft cider.

Three childhood buddies from two separate cities started one orchard on the banks of Oregon’s Willamette River along with one ciderhouse named 2 Towns. With nearly 700 trees planted, the ciderhouse facility also recently grew to more than 10,000-square-feet to continue the unflappable growth.

Do you like Sriracha? Do you often order five stars at a Thai restaurant? Do you find yourself yearning for a hotter alternative at your local chicken wing provider? Then Seattle Cider Co.’s Three Pepper Hard Cider is the drink for you. From the first folks within Seattle city limits to produce cider since Prohibition, Seattle Cider brings the unique (some might say ingenious) amalgam of fresh-cut poblano, jalapeño, habanero peppers and Washington State-grown apples to the bottle.

Nestled into California’s Anderson Valley, the folks of Boonville Cider House are taking their hack at living the dream. Producing traditional English-style ciders under their parent name, they’ve released their Bite Hard Apple Cider in 16 ounce cans and it’s spread quickly onto shelves across the country. Pop a top and pour, releasing bright and tart green apple aromas with earth and skin in the back.

Vancouver Island is quickly becoming a fountainhead of British Columbia cideries—its newest being Tod Creek Craft Cider., owned and operated by cider maker Chris Schmidt on his orchard and farm near Prospect Lake. After spending five years restoring and renovating the land on the once-working dairy farm, Schmidt also planted 50 cider variety trees on his orchard.

As part of the East Coast cider week surge of the harvest season, Vermont steps in to showcase their cideries, connecting the cider makers to the trade and the consumer from November 14-23 for Vermont Cider Week. The Green Mountain State offers this time while its cideries are in the full swing of harvest and production so that all can join in on the process, and join in on the “hard cider revival.

Washington has long been known for its crisp, homegrown apple varieties, and in recent years, the region has developed a reputation for equally killer hard cider. For the third year, Northwest Cider Association’s Washington Cider Week kicks off tomorrow (and even tonight!) with a 10-day-long celebration of the long-time international beverage.
Washington Cider Week kicks off on Thursday, September 4th, with tasting events galore. Washington is one of six states in the U.S.

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