Besides the Cider: Take Note of Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, the by-product of hard cider, is a quality product in its own right.

By Sophia Lizardi

Where there are apples, there’s apple cider, and with apple cider comes apple cider vinegar. Cideries that have long been producing hard cider are  taking their potential to the production of apple cider vinegar. Many on this list have placed in the Good Food Awards for their artisan quality developed from ripe apples and production methods.

Alpenfire Cider || Port Townsend, WA
Alpenfire Cider is Washington State’s first producer of organic hard cider. With this title come multiple types of organic apple cider vinegar such as the Orleans-style and Herbal vinegars. Their Alegar and Horseradish vinegars are flavorsome blends with their apple cider vinegar for inventive and purposeful ways to refresh their traditional apple cider vinegar product.

Carr’s Ciderhouse || Hadley, MA
Carr’s covers all the bases of artisanal cider products from hard cider, cider vinegar and cider syrup. The full-bodied apple cider vinegar is packed with a fruity kick and is noted as sweeter than the average apple cider vinegar off market shelves. The honeyed flavor of the vinegar allows it to stand on its own for sipping, and is also great for deglazing and dressings.

Blackduck Cidery || Ovid, NY
At this Finger Lakes region cidery, the house vinegar’s edge comes from keeping the mother of vinegar in the product from the light strain in the end. Blackduck’s quality apples are grown in Finger Lakes and are fermented to dryness until the second fermentation that converts the alcohol into acetic acid. The light strain at the end maintains the mother of the vinegar for health benefits and real delicious flavor.

KATZ Farm || Napa, CA
Made from Gravenstein apples, which play an important role in the early history and culture of the Sonoma Valley, KATZ Gravensteign apple cider vinegar takes the hard cider made from these apples and converts it into vinegar. Timing is crucial when making this vinegar as KATZ uses late ripening Gravenstein apples when the sugar content is high. The effect of the apples with the traditional Orleans method creates a final product of honey and sweet spice notes matched with acidity.

Vinaigrerie Gingras || Rougemont, Quebec
The gourmet Extra Old (XO) Apple Cider Vinegar is the most popular from this brand, but like all of its vinegars, this producers starts with its premium apples for the best final product. The vinegar is aged for a minimum of one year in French oak casks. The final product is a crisp apple taste that has a complex and refined flavor but not overly acidic.

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