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E.Z. Orchards Semi Dry

As a farm market, cidery and even shortcake stand, Salem, Oregon’s E.Z. Orchards is dedicated to offering the best seasonal specialties to the neighborhood. French inspiration forms the basis for the ciders in which French apple varieties star alongside fellow Willamette Valley-grown English and Early American varieties. The result is an offering of traditional tipples that boast a mingling of cultures with 10 years of practice and pride. Said ciders can be obtained and enjoyed year round, but be sure to drop by the orchards during the summer months for some fresh produce and a taste of the beloved shortcakes – featuring everything from marionberries to blueberries to peaches.

Befittingly, E.Z. Orchards Semi Dry cider is fermented in the traditional French “Methode Ancestral,” with a slow fermentation of three to five months to enhance warm, slightly wild notes. Its 6.4 percent ABV gives it just the right kick while still maintaining a sippable fruit-forward character. This one is appropriate for all seasons, but its funky notes make it a nice pairing for shortcake…